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A List of the 25 Ways To Manifest Your Ideal Life


Method No 1: Be Grateful


Think of, and make a list of, all that already exists in your life for which you can or would like to feel grateful. Read this list daily for at least 90 days. Add to the list each time you think of something else for which you can feel grateful.


Method No 2: Specify Goals


Make a list of your goals; the things that you would like to accomplish, create, manifest, improve or obtain. Include all aspects of your life – physical, material, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, familial, relationships, professional etc. Consider what you want to manifest for yourself, for your family, for others, for society and for humanity.


Method No 3:  Get Free from Limiting Beliefs


Discover, and then free yourself from, all limiting beliefs (social and personal) concerning what you can and cannot manifest and what can or cannot be done, especially in relationship to your specific goals.


Method No 4:  Write a Description of Your Ideal Reality


Using your imagination, now write a detailed description of your new reality in which your ideal life and ideal self are already manifested. Write in the present tense as if all of your goals have already been achieved. Describe how you feel, think, behave and live now that all is as you want it to be.  Read this description daily or even rewrite as many times as you like for 90 days.


Method No 5. Act Now as You Imagine You Would Then


Behave now as if your goals have already become manifest. Do now that which you imagine you would do if your ideal life was already a reality.


Method No 6: Experience the Source of Creation Within


Learn to let go of thoughts and experience the silence or peace between the thoughts. Here, in this silent space, exists the field of unlimited possibilities from which all beings, forms, objects and interactions flow forth. Begin to identify less with your body and mind and experience yourself as formless consciousness. As consciousness or energy you are actually one and the same with the consciousness that is the source of all that you seek to manifest.


Method No 7: Introduce your Conscious Intentions into the Field of Unlimited Potential


While in your concentrated state of relative silence – in the space between the thoughts – while connected to the field of unlimited potential, you can now release your intentions, needs and desires as ideas, images, thoughts and feelings. As you visualize and feel that your ideal reality has already become manifest, feel gratitude and happiness for that fact. Visualize only the completed results that you wish to manifest and not the way in which they will become reality.


Method No 8: Give to Others and Yourself Daily


Give gifts from the heart regularly to those around you. Also give to yourself. Focus also on giving to others, and yourself, that which you seek to attract or create. Wish for others to be well and to also have what you are seeking to create. Offer happiness to others in various ways that come naturally. 


Method No 9: Let go of Anxiety and Attachment to the Results


Let go of any anxiety about, and the attachment to, the results of your efforts. Have faith that, as long as you do what you can and live your life as you are guided from within, all that you need for your happiness and life purpose will manifest in abundance at the most opportune moment and for your highest good. 


Method No 10: Experience your Inner Self-worth, Security and Fulfillment


Realize that you are fully able to experience self-worth, security and inner fulfillment regardless of when or whether what you are seeking to attract or create manifests or not. Cultivate inner feelings of security, self-worth, fulfillment and strength so that you are able to feel well and happy regardless of whether or when your goals are achieved.


Method No 11: Welcome all of Life’s Lessons as Opportunities for Greater Self-Realization


Welcome each and every event, situation and change in your life as an opportunity to discover even greater inner strength and wisdom. Believe in the wisdom of the universe, which brings to you only what is the highest possible good for your happiness and life purpose.


Method No 12: Perceive the Past as Perfect and Forgive Others and Yourself for all.


Perceive the past as perfect and exactly what you yourself had created and chosen for your evolutionary process. Forgive everyone, including yourself, for all and everything that has occurred until this present moment. 


Method No 13: Perform Ho’oponopono for all Possible Obstacles towards Manifesting your Ideal Life


Perform the ancient Hawaiian method of “Ho’oponopono” for the removal of all obstacles and for every situation that does not please you or does not seem correct. 


Method No 14: Remove all Resistance to Success


Discover and remove all forms of ”psychological reversal” or resistance towards success, happiness or change for the better.


Method No 15: Develop a System for Inner Guidance 


Develop an inner guidance mechanism. Refine your mental clarity, objectivity, logic and intuition so you can make choices that most effectively support your goals and do not obstruct them.   Make wise choices, decisions and actions that further your goals.


Method No 16: Recognize your Successes and Remember to Feel Grateful Continuously


Discover ways to remember to feel gratitude frequently throughout the day, both for what you already have, but also for each new “miracle” or manifestation. Acknowledge every new creation and “miracle” feeling thankful for how it in enriches your life.


Method No 17: Create and Maintain a Vision Board or Vision Book


Create and keep up a vision board and/or vision book in which you can place photos, drawings, texts, and objects that connect you energetically and emotionally to that which you want to manifest.


Method No 18: Remember – That Which You Want To Manifest Is Already A Part of who You Are.


Remember that you are divine consciousness-energy; a divine, all-powerful soul who, in cooperation with the divine source of all, has the ability to form this universal energy into material realities. Your true nature is formless consciousness, which is manifesting as your body, mind and life situation. That which you want to manifest is in fact simply an extension of your own self.


Method No 19: Think, Speak and Express Yourself Positively


Think, speak and in general express yourself positively, emphasizing all that you appreciate and find beautiful. Especially focus on the good in people. Avoid complaining, criticizing, judging, rejecting or otherwise expressing negative perceptions.


Method No 20: Discover and Live your Life Purpose


Discover your life purpose, the reason for which you have incarnated, and joyfully dedicate your life to manifesting it.


Method No 21: Be Assured that You Deserve your Ideal Reality


Experience your self-worth from within as an expression of your divine nature temporarily projected into this material dimension. Know that you are totally worthy of attracting and creating all that you are guided from within to manifest.


Method No 22: Experience Your Inseparable Connection with Divine Love


Feel your continuous inseparable connection with the divine within and around you. Experience every event, situation and development (pleasant or unpleasant) as an expression of divine love for you and your loved ones.


Method No 23: Perceive Yourself and Your Environment As Extensions of Each Other.


Perceive your environment as an extension of yourself, and yourself as an extension of it. You are a part of every environment you find yourself in. It is a part of you. All that you seek to create is also a part of you.


Method No 24: Use the Power of the “Word”


Use the power of sound, prayer and the “Word” to enhance your manifestations.


Method No 25: Be Happy


Make the choice, practice and habit of being happy. Organize your life and your day in ways that are conducive to your happiness. Use “mood shifters” when you are not feeling well so as to let go of negative feelings, so that your basic state becomes one of happiness and contentment.DSCF0618g



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